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2012 Apple Country WNC State Fair Exhibit

Portable Hit and Miss Engines

Doug Dunlap, JZ Maxwell, and Dan McGuinn discussing tractors.

John Deere Allis Chalmers

Left: John Hawkins: Economy All-Gear Drive Power King tractor.
Right: International/Farmall model 1026‚ Gold Demonstrator‚ introduced in 1970 as a promotional model to push the new 112 hp Hydrostatic Tractor. This particular one was purchased for $10,000 by Maxlow & Emery Carland of Mills River from Lane Tractor Co in Hendersonville, NC. About 4000 of the series manufactured, all but 200 were finished in the traditional Farmall Red. This special Gold Demonstrator was reportedly the only one sold in NC; most all ot the others went to Illinois/Indiana/Ohio area. Jerry & Larry Merrill of Breezy Acres Nursery, Mills River bought it from Carland about 10 years ago  and used it regularly until just couple years ago when the brothers had it restored by Morris Edney, Edneyville, NC. Larry Merrill (owner) and Mike Edney (the restorer) alongside the tractor.

Hit and Miss Engine Lots of small engines

Left: Larry Harding's 1958 Mustang Model 8: built in California 1945-65. Weighs only 245#, 300 cc motor. In 1952, set a 100 mph record on a modified Mustang. In 1953, Harley Davidson/Indian/Triumph forced the American Motorcycle Assn. to create new rules for Class C, specifying 16" or larger wheels ‚ thus cutting Mustang out of the competition.
Jim Haynes: CoPar/Panzer‚ first prototypes used modified Plymouth/Dodge rear end. CoPar then sold out to Virginia Metalcrafters in Waynesboro, Va 1960. From 1961-63 produced tractor that just said Panzer in the front. Virginia Metalcrafters was then purchased by Pennsylvania Lawnmowers; in 1970 sold to Schenult Industries of Baltimore.

John Deere Pulling Sled

The Corn Box was a real hit. Ladies were sitting on the hay bales around the box while the
kids were kept busy playing with little tractors and dump trucks.

Oliver Tractor

Bobby Barnes: flatbed trailer with 65+ Carnival Chalkware dogs and similar figurines.
Reference source: The Carnival Chalk Prize by Thomas G. Morris.

Silver King Tractor

Cletrac Tractor

ELTO outboard boat motor, also a mule-drawn sprayer for use around the chicken yard (as an example).
Exhibited by Curtis Holbert.

Cletrac Tractor

Robert Praytor: A couple of cream separators and milk cans.  The red John-Deere Model 3-S has crank on the side with embossed note, turns at 48 rpm‚ although it appears to have an electric motor assist on the back.

Chain Saw

Donald P. McIntire: 1942 Diston 2-man chain saw with a  Mercury engine. This particular one was
bought by US Gov’t and used to clear land in Panama Canal zone for building of
bridges. Also a 2-hand handsaw shown by Gordon Andersen.